Friday, August 05, 2005

Political Correctness Run Amok

It's good to know that the NCAA has its priorities in order. Having presided over the development of men's Division I football and basketball into corrupt billion dollar industries that make a mockery of "amateurism", the NCAA has decided to take action on a much more serious matter: banning Native American mascots from NCAA postseason tournaments:

Nicknames or mascots deemed "hostile or abusive" would not be allowed on team uniforms or other clothing beginning with any NCAA tournament after Feb. 1, said Harrison, the University of Hartford's president.

"What each institution decides to do is really its own business" outside NCAA championship events, Harrison said.

"What we are trying to say is that we find these mascots to be unacceptable for NCAA championship competition," he added.

At least 18 schools have mascots the NCAA deem "hostile or abusive," including Florida State's Seminole and Illinois' Illini.

This decision is the embodiment of politically correct illogic and hypocrisy. Why isn't Notre Dame's "Fighting Irish" moniker considered "hostile or abusive", for example? What about the Michigan State Spartans or USC Trojans? Shouldn't Greeks be offended by those two nicknames?

Florida State, whose Seminole mascot is approved by the Florida Seminole tribe, plans on taking the NCAA to court. I, for one, hope they succeed in having this bit of idiotic censorship overturned.


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