Monday, August 22, 2005

Apologism Gone Wild

The last four years have seen all too many in the West seek any excuse for the barbarism of radical Islamists, because the alternative of admitting that we are in a long-term struggle with an implacable foe is simply too much for them to bear. Marcus at Harry's Place, however, seems to have discovered the most ridiculous example yet of such apologetics:

Sir, I turned teetotal having seen, as a barrister, many lives destroyed by alcohol: those of both otherwise law-abiding citizens, who committed acts of violence when drunk, and their victims.

Like Judge Charles Harris, QC, and the Council of Her Majesty’s Circuit Judges (report, August 10), my many Muslim friends also see large-scale loutish alcoholism, and the society which permits it, as decadent.

Allowing pubs to open round the clock will increase Muslim disaffection and support for those fighting such decadence. Extended drinking hours may cause more terrorism.

Yes, by all means, let's ban extended drinking, and while we're at it, force scantily clad women into burkhas and outlaw anything else that might conceivably offend Islamist sensibilities. After all, they're perfectly justified in turning to terrorism if we offend them. In fact, let's just adopt Sharia and be done with it.



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