Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Words Fail Me

I can barely put into words how disgusted I feel after reading this post at Mudville Gazette. Scumbag supreme Fred Phelps, the anti-Gay "preacher", plans to picket the funeral of a young woman soldier who was killed recently in Iraq. Her death, according to Phelps, was "God's punishment" for his church being bombed six years ago.

Yes, this is just what the grieving family and friends of Corporal Carrie French need. The funeral is a public event, so unfortunately Phelps and his fellow whackjobs have every right to be there. According to an article Mudville links to, they even plan on making it a habit to picket all public funerals of those who have fallen in Iraq.

This is where words fail me. Terms like "vile", "repugnant", and "nauseating" simply are inadequate to the task of describing Phelps and his ilk. Since I try to run a PG, or at least PG-13, blog, I'll stop at this point. What I will do is humbly offer my thoughts and prayers to the family of Cpl French, and hope that they are able to mourn her passing and honor her life and memory without Phelps and his clowns getting in the way.


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