Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Rangel Files for Bankruptcy

Democratic congressman Charles Rangel has officially filed for moral and intellectual bankruptcy. Earlier this week, in a radio interview, he compared the Iraq War to the Holocaust.

I know I've asked this question before, but why is it the US-led liberation of Iraq that inspires Nazi comparisons? How come people like Rangel never compare the Iraqi regime that was led by a mustachioed, genocidal, anti-Semitic dictator, and committed mass murder using poison gas, to the Third Reich?

It's perfectly acceptable to disagree with the decision to invade Iraq. But for two years now I have listened to Rangel, Howard Dean, and other Democrats too numerous to mention rant like a bunch of unhinged five year olds. At a time when we are at war with a totalitarian terrorist movement that actively seeks our destruction, they have offered little but infantile Bush-bashing and morally bankrupt nonsense. Until the Democratic Party shows me that it considers the jihadists to be the enemy, and not the Republicans, I won't even consider splitting my ballot.


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