Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Day

On this day of remembrance, I humbly wish to thank all those who have risked their lives in defense of our nation's freedom. It is due to their courage and sacrifices that we live in liberty. I especially wish to thank the men and women in uniform who are currently in harm's way facing the jihadist enemy, and their families. They have endured much, and their accomplishments will not go in vain.

Via LGF comes this piece by Jim Lacey for National Review Online. It is an enlightening look at the officers who lead our troops into battle:

I am reliably informed that General Myers starts each workday with a full briefing on the circumstances of every American casualty in the previous 24 hours. I can think of no more emotionally searing way to begin what are often long, arduous days. This is not something he has to do and I imagine he continues it only because it is a daily reminder that any decision he makes can have a dire consequence for the men and women who make it happen. During World War II, General George Marshall, the first chairman, did much the same thing. Every day he sent the casualty list to the White House to remind the president that real people died as a result of every order given. General Marshall continued this despite a White House request that the practice be discontinued.

This is a brief but telling glimpse at the character of a single man. The incredible thing is that this pattern reveals itself at every level of the chain of command. For generations, writers, moviemakers, and singers have made fortunes depicting cold, unfeeling officers who callously send young soldiers out to die while sitting safely in the rear. The stereotype still persists today and there is no more horrendous lie perpetrated about the people who lead our great soldiers into combat. Please note that I said “lead” and not “send.” The Americans who have entrusted their youth to these leaders deserve to know the character of the men and women in command.

The Commanders

On this Memorial Day holiday, please take the time to remember the heroes to whom this day is dedicated.


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