Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Cedar Revolution Continues

Whatever doubts there may have been about the depth and breadth of Lebanon's democratic opposition were dispelled on Monday, when nearly one million people demonstrated in Beirut against Syrian domination of their country. The protest was the largest in Lebanon's history, with an incredible 25% of the country's population taking part. As Neil MacFarquhar pointed out in the New York Times, the demonstration represented "a broad cross section of Lebanese from all around the country", including some Shia. According to Beirut municipal officials, Monday's protest was more than twice the size of last week's pro-Syrian demonstration by the terrorist group Hezbollah.

As Dr. Walid Phares noted on Monday, momentum is with the democratic opposition, even within the Shia community. The Lebanese people have no intention of letting up in their quest for freedom. They will not settle for half measures from Syria; neither should we.


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