Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Blogs Worth Reading

Here are three blogs that are definitely worth a look:

The Counterterrorism Blog
-"The first multi-expert blog dedicated solely to counterterrorism issues, serving as a gateway to the community for policymakers and serious researchers. Designed to provide realtime information about case s and policy developments." Contributors include Steven Emerson, Evan Kohlmann, and Matthew Levitt.

The Diplomad
-"A Blog by career US Foreign Service officers. They are Republican (most of the time) in an institution (State Department) in which being a Republican can be bad for your career -- even with a Republican President! Join the State Department Republican Underground." I'm not in the Foreign Service, but I can definitely relate.

Free Iraqi
-"I was not living before the 9th of April and now I am, so let me speak!" The blog of Ali Fadhil, formerly of Iraq the Model. Provides a much needed alternative to the conventional wisdom concerning events in Iraq.

Look for these three sites to be added to the blogroll by this weekend.


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