Tuesday, December 21, 2004

A Terrible Day

Today in Iraq, over 20 US and coalition soldiers and civilians were killed in a horrific attack on a mess hall near the city of Mosul.

Today's incident offers a stark and terrible reminder of the costs of war. Our task in Iraq remains exceedingly difficult and dangerous. As someone who believes in the rightness of our cause in that country, it is painful to confront the price of those efforts. I do so because I believe the alternative means paying an even more terrible cost elsewhere.

Our enemies taunt us by saying that they love death while we love life. They take this as a sign of their courage and of our decadence. They are wrong. Who has more courage? Brainwashed fanatics who want to die because they believe they will go to paradise; or patriotic citizens who want to live, yet who willingly risk their lives anyway out of devotion to their country? True courage comes from surmounting fear, not from worshipping death.

I offer my thoughts and prayers to the families of those killed today, to the wounded and their families, and to all of our men and women defending freedom in Iraq and elsewhere.

Update: Instapundit links to this first-hand account of the Mosul attack from an Army chaplain. It is a powerful and sobering read.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It never ceases to amaze me how ignorant American citizens are of the death and destruction, support of evil regimes and cunning manipulation their government carries out on their behalf around the world, and has done for decades. That other nations wish to fight back is honourable, that America sees itself as right/just/courageous/God-fearing would be laughable where it not so sad and deluded. Wake up Americans! You supported Binladen originally. You supported Saddam Hussein originally. The only reason you are fighting is for oil - otherwise why haven't you invaded Sudan and Zimbabwe and North korea??

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