Sunday, December 05, 2004

Music Video Blogging

Why? Because the mood strikes me...

Warning, this post is completely trivial in nature.

Random reactions while watching VH1 Classic:

-Was there ever a Rod Stewart video in which he didn't make out with a hot chic?

-Watching the video for "Boogie Wonderland", and I never realized until now just how many people were in Earth, Wind & Fire. It looks like about 20 or so on stage. "Boogie Wonderland", of course, was used in the movie Caddyshack, back in an age when Hollywood made comedies that were actually funny (RIP Rodney Dangerfield).

-Donna Summer has just assured me that it's my "last chance to dance". Oh, well.

-Footage of Melissa Manchester from 1985 stating that "music videos are here to stay. Wow, MTV, Miami Vice, etc. were only completely huge then. That's like saying in 1998 that this Internet thing's gonna be here a while. Way to have gone out on a limb, Melissa.

-Dear God! It's the legendary Michael Sembello gracing the Flashdance soundtrack with "Maniac". Not even the gratuitous Jennifer Beals footage can save this one.

More video blogging during the "We Are the 80's" hour starting at 2:00 AM. Be forewarned.


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