Monday, August 02, 2004

Iraq: An Update

In light of the ongoing violence in Iraq, especially events such as Sunday's barbarous church attacks, it is important to realize that there are positive developments taking place in that country. Iraq is emerging from three and a half decades of totalitarianism and war, and building a democratic, pluralist, modern society will take time, patience, and commitment. The same forces of xenophobia and barbarism that produced 9/11, as embodied by totalitarian fascists of both the Wahhabi and Baathist type, are working to prevent a new Iraq from emerging, and they will commit any atrocity in order to achieve their ends. Still, progress is being made despite the terrorists.

Arthur Chrenkoff has once again joined forces with Opinion Journal to provide a rich, link-filled roundup of the positive news from Iraq, that all too often gets downplayed in the media. Please give it a look, as it's definitely worth your time:

'Finish the Job'


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